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Learn all key elements of a successful business with the small business management home study course, Steps to Business Success.  Avoid the mistakes that lead to small business failures. The course teaches you the business skills you will need to start a successful business. This is a self-paced, home study course so you take as long as you need to complete the work.  You can start immediately. You can work from the comfort of your home or office. At the completion of the course, you will have a complete business plan which you can use as the road map for your business.

What is included in the course:

Lesson 1:   Introduction

Successful entrepreneur traits, pros and cons of business ownership, start-up checklist, how to identify what business is right for you

Lesson 2:   Business Planning

Components of the business plan, the simple way to finish your business plan, avoid business plan mistakes, uses of the plan

Lesson 3:   Concept Development

Organization of your business, the name and image, legal structure, types of ownership, franchise options, buying a business

Lesson 4:   Setting Up Your Office

Site selection, location choices, home-based business, zoning, leases, equipment

Lesson 5:   Manage Risks

Insurance, legal issues, fraud, taxes, patent, copyright and trademarks, professionals to help

Lesson 6:   Record Keeping

Forms of record keeping, budget, estimating your money, general sources of financing

Lesson 7:   Market Research

Research your industry, identify your strengths and weaknesses, SWOT analysis, competition

Lesson 8:   Pricing and Inventory

Pricing strategies, break even analysis, inventory management

Lesson 9:   Sales and Marketing

Sales strategies that work, marketing plan, advertising and promotion ideas

Lesson 10:  Financial Resources

Ratios to help understand your business, profitability, understanding cash flow, income statements and balance sheets, credit and collections

Lesson 11:  Technology and the Internet

E-commerce, using the Internet, how to get a website, new technology to help your business

Lesson 12:  Business Management

Customer service, time management, delegating, decision making to make your job easier

Lesson 13:  Employee Relations

When to hire employees, setting salary and benefits, policies and procedures, motivating employees, firing employees

Lesson 14:  Expansion and Growth

Ready to grow, steps for successful business growth, growth strategies, succession planning

Lesson 15:  Putting It All Together

Resources, next steps


The course covers all of the steps you need to start a successful business the right way. The cost for the course is $495.00.

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